First Responder

Emergency Response Officer

The growth of foreign companies and -employees in the Netherlands requires custom made service. This also applies to Emergency Response or “BHV” as it is called in the Netherlands. More and more companies set up branches in the Netherlands and within these organisations the Dutch language is not always the main language. The English spoken language proves to be more common in a workplace than ever. provides open trainings to English speaking people working in the Netherlands. The course is focussed on both refreshment- as well as basic training.

Participants en rolled in the Basic training will receive an e-learning account before the start of the Emergency Response training for theoretic preparations. Finalising the E-Learning is mandatory for receiving the Emergency Response certificate. When attending the Emergency Response training, the participants will be guided by experienced and certified instructors.

Details of the training

Hands on- and mainly focussed on active, practical training in one day from 09:00 – 16:30,

For Refreshment- and Basic Emergency Response participants.

Basic Emergency Response is provided with e-learning beforehand (length approx. 4 hrs.).

Both the training and the e-learning consist of four subjects:

  1. Urgent First Aid
  2. Non-urgent First Aid
  3. Fire fighting
  4. Evacuation

All participants will be attending a practical exam, the participants for the basic training will also make theoretic exams focussed on First Aid and Firefighting/Evacuation.

After successfully completing the training the participant will receive the official Emergency Response certificate which is valid for the length of 1 year.


Total of costs is € 199,- ex VAT per person for the Basic Emergency Response training. This is an all-inclusive fee which includes instruction, materials, lunch, drinks, E-Learning, exam and certification.

Sign in your participants now for the Emergency Response training. (if you understand Dutch), or call our customer support department at telephone 0031 075 7714550 or 0624779400

When a company has five or more people who need refreshment- or basic Emergency Response training at once, an In-company training at the own location becomes an option. Ask for more details about this by sending an e-mail to or by telephone 075 7714550. is MAATWERK

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